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This website is an hommage to the many Bohemian glass factories that operated at the turn of the 20th century. 

Loetz was the premier Bohemian glass works during this period.  It was located in Klostermühle, near Rejštejn in the Sušice district in South-West Bohemia, which belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire until 1918.
Encouraged by the success of Loetz, numerous other Bohemian manufacturers were active in the production of Art Nouveau glass.
The in-depth chapters about Kralik, Rindskopf and Pallme-König were written by Alfredo Villanueva, long-time collector and connoiseur of Bohemian art glass.  He also wrote the article on Dugan
In the chapter "Identifying" you can read more about Loetz signatures and how to distinguish them from forgeries.  Written by Alden Jones.
Most Loetz finishes are basically illustrated in the different sections.  More examples are shown in the decors index. 

New! The "Mimosa" decor!   

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This  website would never have come about without the continuous support and advice of Alfredo Villanueva and Jeff Weller

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