2 Rare Etched Silberiris DEK's added

We have several new DEK's that will be rolled out in the near future but we wanted to highlight two rare etched Silberiris DEK's first. The etched Silberiris DEKs were produced with an inner casing of colored opal glass and coated with a layer of strongly iridescent Silberiris. The Silberiris finish was then etched into various patterns of flowers, leaves and vines which are referred to as "damasc" in the Loetz decor archives.  Each of these unique patterns was assigned a specific DEK (decoration) number.  These etched Silberiris opal, "damasc" vases were likely produced only for a short period of time from 1902- 1905.


DEK 293 - DEK 293 PN II-2/596DEK 293 was produced in 6 different ground colors: fire-red, metalic-yellow, metalic-violet, Mt. Blue, Pink or Russian-green. A Russian-green example in PN II-2/596 with "293" etched on the pontil allowed us to officially document this DEK.




DEK 294 - DEK 294 PN II-2/602 Several examples of DEK 294 were placed in our "Unknown Etched Silberiris" file until an example of DEK 294 was discovered in PN II-2/602 in metalic-yellow.  This DEK in this ground color is specifically mentioned as being produced in PN II-2/602.  We can find 5 other ground colors mentioned in the Loetz archives as being produced in DEK 294: fire-red, metalic-yellow, Mt. Blue, Pink and Russian-green.


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