PG 2/314 New - Variant


PG 2/314 New with oval Czecho-Slovakia mark

PG 2/314 New - These examples are technically considered an "Unknown Décor".  We don't do this often but when there are so many examples, it is important to let collectors see them so they can make a comparison. This new decor category is posted within the PG 2/314 section so the collector can compare the two executions. The "PG 2/314 New" examples often have a clear cased outer layer rather than a matte finish and many examples do not exhibit silver-yellow spots towards the bottom of the vessel. There are also ground color variations that are not found in PG 2/314 such as camelienrot (pink). Several examples of this decor include the oval "Czecho-Slovakia" mark such as the one shown here which further indicates that these examples were produced after 1918.


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