Are PG 7506 & PG 5301 really the same?

camelienrot PG 5301 PN II-5275The PG 5301 decor is mentioned in all of the Loetz books as being the same as PG 7506 but noting that the decor numbering changes to PG 5301 in 1907.  We were not certain why the decor number changed but we knew that Loetz most likely had a reason for this and something must be different between these two decors, but what? Based on our recent in-depth research of Loetz decor ground colors, we discovered that the ground colors mentioned for all of the PG 5301 executions included camelienrot, gelb, Metalgelb and Thea but did NOT include any of the ground colors associated with the early PG 7506 executions which are: Candia, metallic-violet, metallic-red and bronze. While the decor decoration is identical in both PG 7506 & 5301, true to typical Loetz nomenclature, once something radically changes a different name or number is often assigned to that production. Hence, we present the "new" decor, PG 5301.

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