It's Official: Over 100 new decors!

The Loetz Advisory Group's recent work researching lampshade decors has revealed 8 new PG's.  These new decors also bring the total number of new decor discoveries to 103 since was first rolled-out in November 2013.  In addition, one of our Loetz Advisory Group members, Warren Gallé, has written an article uncovering the shroud of mystery regarding the early "Metallin" examples that are marked "Patent Applied For - Made in Austria".   This article, "Loetz Metallglas", can be found in our Featured Articles section of the site. Enjoy!

8 new PGs

New PG's

1) PG 566/294

2) PG 4470

3) PG 6276

4) PG 6277

5) PG 6283

6) PG 6289

7) PG 8240

8) PG 1/77




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