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We are always willing to help the collector and those who truly want to learn about Loetz. If you are a seasoned collector and have information such as production numbers, new decor information, photos, etc., we would LOVE to hear from you and would appreciate your help!

If, after spending much time and effort searching this site, you are still not able to find a similar example that matches your piece or you have new information to add to the site, please contact us as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  When contacting us, keep in mind the following:

1)  If you were unable to find a similar example to your piece on this website, chances are that it is not Loetz.

2) is a non-selling, non-for-profit website. We do not want to influence individual buying decisions or comment on seller offerings. To do so would provide an unfair advantage to those who have contacted us over others that have not. We also do not want to show favoritism towards buyers or sellers. Our policy is to defer comment on all items that are publicly offered for sale by dealers or auction houses until after those items have sold.

3) If you are a dealer or are planning to sell the piece that you are inquiring about, please inform us of your intentions. 

4) As a non-profit, educational site, we cannot offer appraisal or valuation services. If you want to determine the value of your piece, we can provide a list of reputable auction houses or appraisal companies that can assist you.

5) When contacting us include the following in your correspondence: a) a description of the decor(s) on this website that you believe are similar; b) several large size photos (especially a photo of the bottom); c) a description of the features - size, color, markings, etc., and d) where you are from and how long you have been collecting Loetz and/or other art glass. 

Keep in mind that we are Loetz aficionados and run the website on a volunteer basis. We will try to respond to your suggestions, comments and questions as soon as possible.

Finally, please consider helping us maintain and keep this valuable resource available and free by DONATING to

Thank you!

Deb Fitzsimmons, USA and Tony Ellery, Switzerland

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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