Exhibition ‘Loetz 1900’ at the Glass Museum, Conches, France
Loetz Exhibition at the Musee du Verre de Conches
Until November 25, 2018, the ‘Musée du Verre’ in Conches is holding a major exhibition of Loetz glass, which is well worth a visit. Conches is in Normandy, about 50 km south of Rouen. The exhibition of rare Loetz vases is comprised mainly of pieces on loan from the Hentrich Glass Museum in the ‘Museum Kunst Palast’, Duesseldorf, Germany, but there are also beautiful pieces from private collections and a few gems from Conches’ permanent collection of Loetz vases. All told there are over one hundred Loetz items on display, including pieces of the highest quality from the turn of the twentieth century. If you able to visit, do take time to view the museum’s permanent collection too, comprising stained glass, modern glass and some French art nouveau. Note: The Museum's hours and days of operation are Wednesday-Sunday 2-6pm.  There is an exhibition catalogue available at the museum or from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here is a small selection of the pieces currently being shown in this exhibition. (Photos courtesy of Loetz collector, Oluf Christian Olsen, who recently visited this exhibition):
Loetz PG 392Loetz PG 358Loetz PG 1/158Loetz PG 356Loetz cobalt Norma designed by Marie Kirschner


camelienrot PG 5301 PN II-5275The PG 5301 decor is mentioned in all of the Loetz books as being the same as PG 7506 but noting that the decor numbering changes to PG 5301 in 1907.  We were not certain why the decor number changed but we knew that Loetz most likely had a reason for this and something must be different between these two decors, but what? Based on our recent in-depth research of Loetz decor ground colors, we discovered that the ground colors mentioned for all of the PG 5301 executions included camelienrot, gelb, Metalgelb and Thea but did NOT include any of the ground colors associated with the early PG 7506 executions which are: Candia, metallic-violet, metallic-red and bronze. While the decor decoration is identical in both PG 7506 & 5301, true to typical Loetz nomenclature, once something radically changes a different name or number is often assigned to that production. Hence, we present the "new" decor, PG 5301.


PG 2/314 New with oval Czecho-Slovakia mark

PG 2/314 New - These examples are technically considered an "Unknown Décor".  We don't do this often but when there are so many examples, it is important to let collectors see them so they can make a comparison. This new decor category is posted within the PG 2/314 section so the collector can compare the two executions. The "PG 2/314 New" examples often have a clear cased outer layer rather than a matte finish and many examples do not exhibit silver-yellow spots towards the bottom of the vessel. There are also ground color variations that are not found in PG 2/314 such as camelienrot (pink). Several examples of this decor include the oval "Czecho-Slovakia" mark such as the one shown here which further indicates that these examples were produced after 1918.


Over the past four years, we have presented 96 new decors , information on Museums that feature Loetz, articles on many Loetz designers, in-depth studies on Loetz signatures, cameos, early Loetz and cut glass productions, answered collector questions and much more.  During this time Loetz.com has remained free and fully accessible to the public.  To celebrate Loetz.com's 4th Anniversary, we offer something different - an article addressing examples that are NOT Loetz. Enjoy!


Not Loetz Pampas

We have several new DEK's that will be rolled out in the near future but we wanted to highlight two rare etched Silberiris DEK's first. The etched Silberiris DEKs were produced with an inner casing of colored opal glass and coated with a layer of strongly iridescent Silberiris. The Silberiris finish was then etched into various patterns of flowers, leaves and vines which are referred to as "damasc" in the Loetz decor archives.  Each of these unique patterns was assigned a specific DEK (decoration) number.  These etched Silberiris opal, "damasc" vases were likely produced only for a short period of time from 1902- 1905.


DEK 293 - DEK 293 PN II-2/596DEK 293 was produced in 6 different ground colors: fire-red, metalic-yellow, metalic-violet, Mt. Blue, Pink or Russian-green. A Russian-green example in PN II-2/596 with "293" etched on the pontil allowed us to officially document this DEK.




DEK 294 - DEK 294 PN II-2/602 Several examples of DEK 294 were placed in our "Unknown Etched Silberiris" file until an example of DEK 294 was discovered in PN II-2/602 in metalic-yellow.  This DEK in this ground color is specifically mentioned as being produced in PN II-2/602.  We can find 5 other ground colors mentioned in the Loetz archives as being produced in DEK 294: fire-red, metalic-yellow, Mt. Blue, Pink and Russian-green.


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