Happy 2015, Loetz Collectors!

Last month Loetz.com celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary and reported that in 2014 over 50 newly discovered decors were introduced to the Loetz collecting community! In the spirit of ringing in the New Year, we are pleased to present eight newly discovered decors for your viewing pleasure:

#1 – Orchis.  The Orchis décor was first produced in 1900 and originally classified as “cobalt Ciselé”. Since the previous décor assignment conflicted with the photo of a “cobalt Ciselé” tile shown in Neuwirth, the Loetz Advisory Group endeavored to uncover new evidence to allow us to correctly assign a décor name to these examples. Being able to match photographic examples of vases in this decor with documented shapes, specifically PN’s II-168 & II-355 which list “Orchis” in the production notes, allowed us to document and finally assign a proper décor name to these examples. This research has also uncovered a variant known as “Orchis ganz blau getupft” which translates to “blue spots all over”.

#2 – PG 7954.  This beautiful dark blue spreading to light blue PG was produced in 1898. The décor drawn on the glass looks exactly like one drawn on the paper pattern for PN I-7954!




#3 – PG 7462.  Another beautiful and rare PG. Luckily, a photo example in PN II-40 was discovered which allowed us to officially document this decor.



#4 – Crete mit Festons. I never really noticed examples in this decor until one of our LA Advisory Group members, Warren Gallé, discovered a shape matching a piece that he had recently acquired that listed the décor name, “Crete mit Festoons” in the production notes. Now I seem to see this décor often. We have also learned (although I have not seen an example) that this décor might have been produced in both Candia and Olympia grounds but the Festoons are always “Crete”.

#5 – Ausf 48  A paper pattern for this décor is shown and described in Cantz. Until now we have not been able to see what an Ausf 48 actually looks like. Thanks to Warren Gallé, a member of our Loetz Advisory Group, we now have a photo of a documented Ausf 48 to show you. This décor was produced on either a yellow-green or crystal ground and is adorned with green leaves and Mistletoe berries.

#6 – Ausf 132 In Series II there is a notation in PN II-6215 indicating that “Ausf 132 = opal geshrenkt mit gelbgruen Asteln (crete)/Perlen kaiserrot/fuss crete Silberiris/metallisiret”. It's not often that you get lucky enough to find an "equal" sign and a full decor description in the production notes but once we were able to find other shapes that listed Ausf 132 and find photographic examples that matched, a new décor was discovered! Welcome to Ausf 132!

#7 – Ausf 224 The prize for the most newly discovered decors in 2015 goes to Warren Gallé. This Glass Hound has a nose for finding new discoveries. He is an avid researcher and his efforts have brought us some wonderful new decors to feast our eyes on. Here we present an interesting and colorful Series III décor, Ausf 224. This décor comes in various brightly colored grounds and is adorned with berry feet and contrasting colored rims.

#8 – Ausf 240  While a photo example of this décor is shown in Cantz on pg. 325, we did not have a photo in our library to share with our viewers until one of our Loetz Advisory Group members, Andy Jelcic who resides in Croatia and Vienna, acquired an example and sent us this picture! Great vase, Andy! Thanks.

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