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This section contains articles submitted by individuals addressing various subjects concerning Loetz. Its purpose is to provide insights and personal views on a wide range of subjects relating to the history, production, collecting, buying, and selling of Loetz art glass.  In this section you will find articles such as those submitted by members of the Loetz Advisory group that address the process of "Identifying Loetz art glass" based on their personal experiences as well as articles that provide an in-depth look into subjects such as the history of the English registration mark found on some Loetz Octopus vases and the Loetz cameo production.

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A list of articles available in this section are provided below:

1. Identifying Loetz by Members of the Loetz Advisory Group

a. by Andy Jelcic

b. by Tony Ellery

c. by Deb Petersen Fitzsimmons

d. by Warren Gallé

e. by David Littlefield

2. Queen VictoriaLoetz Octopus/Victoria and the English Connection





 3.Ricard et cie Loetz cameo and acid cutback production





4. A Study of Loetz Cut Glass Production

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