Submitting photos / articles to

We are always looking for contributions from the Loetz collecting and research community that will add value and provide new information about Loetz art glass. 

Here is a list of things we would appreciate receiving from you, our site visitors:
- Photos of new Loetz décors, or of any rare décors where our Décors Index contains only a few examples or less high-quality images.
- Identification of "Unknown décors".  Please include documentation supporting the identification.
- Articles relating to specific aspects of Loetz glass, its history, techniques used, etc.

- Production numbers.  (This is a tedious job but someone has to do it and we would really appreciate your help!)

Contributors who provide information identifying new decors or who submit articles that are published on the site will be recognized on the website unless they wish otherwise. The owners of reserve the right to determine which articles and photographs will be published on the site.

We hope that you, the international Loetz community, will contribute actively to the website and thus help to make it the most comprehensive and up-to-date online reference for Loetz glass.

Many thanks in advance!

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