Loetz.com - Old and New

Loetz.com is a website created for those who appreciate and want to learn more about Loetz art glass.  Through photographic examples of the various decors and shapes that were created by this world renowned Bohemian art glass manufacturer, along with descriptions of known décors and the year that a décor and/or shape were first introduced, one can quickly see why Loetz gained international acclaim for its techniques, style and innovations in art glass production during the period of 1880 to 1940 and specifically the golden years of 1898 - 1905.

Since the introduction of Loetz.com in 1999, Loetz collectors have been fortunate to have this valuable resource originally created by Eddy Scheepers of Belgium at their disposal. We hope the new Loetz.com expresses our thanks to Eddy for his tireless efforts and immeasurable contributions to continuing the growth and interest in collecting and learning about Loetz art glass. While new decor information and updates have made some of the information on the old site out of date, because of its importance and relevance, we include here a link to the original Loetz.com site: http://loetz-bohemianglass.com/. 


Before we started creating a new and updated Loetz.com website, we surveyed the Loetz collecting community who were visiting Eddy’s site. After reading your comments and suggestions, it became clear that collectors had many questions and wanted more information about Loetz art glass.  We hope that this new website not only answers some of those questions but also continues to be relevant and interactive as you share your comments, discoveries, photos and questions with us.

The beauty of a website is that one can be flexible and add or change information as new documentation from the Loetz archives and the collecting community unfolds. By comparing examples, shapes and colors from documented sources and our Loetz photo library that currently contains over 36,000 photos, as well as engaging in discussions with other collectors, we hope to continually uncover new discoveries.  New décors, articles and updated information will be posted on the site and highlighted in "Loetz News".

We hope you enjoy this site and find it a valuable resource for identifying and collecting Loetz art glass.


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