Photo & Financial Contributors - Individuals

Below is a list of individuals who have not only provided photos for use on this site but also support and encourage the mission of which is to promote the interest and study of Loetz art glass and to preserve its history. With over 5,600 photos uploaded to this site, it is certainly possible that we have missed mentioning someone!  While we are not able to connect individual photos with each contributor, if you would like to be included in this list, please let us know which photo(s) are yours by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and sending us a copy of the photo(s) so we can acknowledge your contribution.

We would also like to give special recognition to those individuals that have helped to support and further the efforts of financially. Their contributions ensure that will remain a non-for-profit endeavor and that collectors from around the world will have free access to information on Loetz art glass.  These individuals are listed in BOLD below.

Thank you!

Photo Contributors - Individuals

Abbate, Tony Smith, Penny

Albanese, Ernest Jr.

Andy, Jelcic

Smith, Steve
Avery, Robert Stoelzel, Bill
Bosch, Michelle Sullivan, Dan
Avery, Robert Taylor, Lawrence

Beatty, Lisa

Bosch, Michelle

Thevenet, Jean-Claude

Browndyke, Jeff

Buckholz, Jim

Tomás, Rosa Maria
Caudle, Anita Vos, Peter
Cohn, Josh

Weller, Jeff

Wick, Jill

Duback, Dan  
Ellery, Tony
Ferguson, Patti & Gene
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzsimmons, Bill & Deb
Ford, Frank

Gallé, Warren

Gardiner, James

Goldberg, Ken
Grove, Richard
Gummer, Kevin

Hasselbach, Dr Kai

Hewson, Jay

Hirsch, Reyne
Hoenig, Marty
Howell, Gary
Hunter, Oliver
James, Mac

Jelcic, Andy

Jory, Jim

Jondahl, Terry

Kingsley, Dave

Klein, Zelda

Kolhammer, Florian

Krzemiński, Tomasz
Littlefield, David
MacFarlane, Malcolm
Miller, Chris
Miller, Lee
Moir, Mike & Debbie

Mora, Jericho

Moulton, Duane

Rebscher, Adina

Sandells, Nicole
Scheepers, Eddy
Schorcht, Volkmar
Schuligoj, Edna
Severn, Brian
Sharp, Toby
Skånberg, Dr. Tuve